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Affiliates page

News: June 11th, 2007 now has an Affliliates page, listing the other sites that associate themselves with this one. I may add to the page if any other online communities choose to do this.
Incidentally, I apologize that there’s been such a long delay before my next update. The reason for this is because I’m in the […]

Occam’s Razor Merchandise

News: May 27th, 2007

Thanks to a number of requests for a bumper sticker featuring the “Hovind” and “IRS” fish from the newest episode of my comic, I’ve opened a store for this sort of thing. There isn’t much there quite yet, but I’ll add more if what I’ve introduced there already ends up selling.
In addition to this […]

Plugged by Dresden Codak!

News: May 23rd, 2007

Aaron Diaz, creator of the awesome webcomic Dresden Codak, has just given Occam’s Razor its greatest plug so far: (scroll down to the bottom.) He’s also generously added it to the list of comics he reads on his links page.
I’m intending to create an “affiliates” page for this site sometime soon; I’ll be […]

Upgraded to Comicpress 2.0

News: April 18th, 2007

I’ve just upgraded the site to Comicpress 2.0, as well as installed a forum. I think I’ve got these things looking more or less the way I want them, but there may still be some things that look a little weird. If there’s something you think needs to be changed, free to post […]